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Columbia Boxing Club

Columbia Boxing Club is a community-oriented athletic group that offers boxing instruction for amateur competition as well as for general fitness, health, and recreation. The club’s primary participants are males and females ages 11-21, but children and adults of all ages, whether 4 or 40, attend sessions regularly and are always welcome.

The club’s close coach supervision and overall safe atmosphere provide an opportune environment to develop important traits such as confidence, discipline, positive self-esteem, and good sportsmanship. By promoting these qualities and establishing personal connections with participants, the club’s coaches hope to counteract and reduce the incidence of drug abuse and crime among young adult participants. Encouraging these traits and one-on-one collaboration also establishes a supportive team environment for training, competition, and general recreation.

Columbia Boxing Club was registered with the United States Amateur Boxing Association in April 2001. Club participants work on five fundamental areas of amateur boxing: safety, preparation, psychology, conditioning, and technical skills. Safety is the most important factor in any sports training, and the club teaches and requires proper use of all safety equipment. The preparation and psychology of boxing include goal-setting, developing self-discipline, fostering excellent sportsmanship, developing a positive attitude, motivating oneself to overcome obstacles. Conditioning teaches participants proper exercise practices and the value of healthy nutrition and living, while technical skills equip participants with all techniques necessary to succeed at boxing, such as footwork, defensive skills, and blocking.


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Columbia Boxing Club

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Rising Stars Sports Association

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For More Information Please Contact :

Brian Cook

Mailing Address :

110 N. Glenwood Ave.
Columbia, MO 65203

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